NFR Badge Scheme

Welcome to the NFR Badge Scheme.

The Badge scheme is an annual personal challenge and motivator.    Run 3 or more different qualifying distances to see which standard you have achieved within the badge scheme (based on your finish time, age and gender).

It is free to enter, just provide your details on the NFR Badge Scheme Claim form and send by email to

Diamond and Standard Award (Bronze to Gold)
Diamond Award

What is the Badge Scheme?

It is an annual scheme run by the Club and your own personal challenge.

It allows you to gauge your performance year by year using data based on the race distance, finish time and your age and gender.

You may be eligible to receive a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond Award.

When does it happen?

Every year beginning 1st January – 31st December (applications to be made by 10thDecember).

How many races do I need to do?

You can take part in as many races as you like during the year; only 3 races (different distances) are required to qualify.

How can I take part?

  1. Take a look at the Badge Scheme data appropriate to you (Mens/Ladies/Juniors). This has the relevant time for each badge (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond) and each age category.
  2. Keep a record of your official times and dates of races.
  3. Having taken part in numerous races during the year, select your 3 best races of varying distances e.g Mile Run, Wilverley timed run, 5km (inc Park Run), 10 miles, Half marathon, Full marathon
  4. Look at your age category (at the time of your race) and take your times to see which badge zone/s you fall into. If you fall into more than one category for your best 3 races it is the lowest one that will count.

        How do I apply?

Complete the Badge Scheme Claim Form and email it to Katrin Pritchard the badge scheme organiser no later than 10th December.

When do I receive my Award?

Presentations are made at the Club’s Annual Awards Dinner in January.

Entering each year gives you a good indication of your annual performance. As the years roll on it may be heartening to know that your times are as good as ever or even like a ‘fine wine’ improving with age!

If you have any questions please contact Katrin on the following email –  or ask one of the Committee members at a club night.