We look forward to welcoming you to the New Forest 10 mile race. Please check all these Q&A’s before emailing us. It may take a little while for us to get back to you so please do study our FAQ’s carefully first!  If you can’t find the answer to your question contact our team at 

See you this July!

  • How do I know I am registered?

You’ll get an automatic email reply as soon as your application is complete.  If you haven’t received one, check your junk email folder.  You can also contact us on

  • How and when do I get my race number

You can collect it on the morning of the race.  Collection will open at 8.30 am and close at 10.50am.  Do allow lots of time to get to us at New Park.  Summer traffic through Lyndhurst is often very slow.

  • Can I find the race number prior to the event?

No, sorry.  We will be allocating numbers a few days before the race.  Time constraints won’t allow us to publish numbers ahead of time.

  • Can I enter a team?

This year we’ve decided that we won’t be offering team prizes.  Perhaps we’ll be able to do it next year.

  • Will I receive race information in the lead up to my event?

You’ll receive an automated confirmation email from us as soon as your entry is received.  Final race instructions will be sent out during the 2 weeks before the race, by email.  Also, keep checking our Facebook page

  • What happens if I don’t receive my race email?

Check your junk email file.  Email us at

  • Can I register on the day of the event?

No, sorry.  All the shorter events are entry on the day only though. We’ll be holding a children’s ½ mile race; mile race and a 3 mile fun run for over 14s (including adults).

  • When do online entries close?

The last date for entries is Sunday 30th June, but do enter early.  In previous years we have filled all the places really quickly.

  • Can I cancel/transfer my race number if I can’t take part?

Important Information on transferring race number and cancellation are contained within our Participant Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions. Click here

  • Can I buy a t-shirt?

We aren’t selling T-Shirts this year.  Maybe next year…..

  • Can I walk the New Forest 10?

Well, it’s a running race.  We will have a sweeper, but because of road closures you’ll have to be at the 6 mile point 1 hour and 15 minutes after the start.  In previous years all runners have managed well, but you can’t walk the whole course.

  • Do you have a cut off time to complete the run in?

Yes, because of road closures we have a cut off.  Don’t worry though, our sweeper will guide you round safely.  You’ll have 2 ½ hours to complete the 10 miles.  Although we have to open roads after 1 ¼ hours, most of you will have passed the road section by then.

  • Can children take part?

Over 16 years only in the 10 mile race, but we’ll be holding a ½ mile fun run for under 10s; a 1 mile fun run for under 14s and a 3k fun run for children over 14 and adults.  These events are entry on the day only and won’t be chip timed.

  • Do you have any age restrictions?

We follow UKA rules.  You have to be 16 years or older on the day of the 10 mile event.

  • Will I be chip timed?

Yes.  We’ll publish results on our web page as soon after the race as we can.

  • Will there be water stations?

Yes, we’ll have three.  At mile 2 ½, mile 4 ½ and mile 7 ½ .

  • How do I find out specific course information i.e. hilly/terrain/?

See course map data can be seen by viewing NF10 course map on Garmin Connect  We’ll publish specific information about ground conditions closer to the time. Check out our Facebook page as well.

  • What do I get for taking part?

The joy of an organised, well marshalled, beautiful event through the heart of the New Forest.  You’ll also get an original medal, a goody bag and free race photographs.

  • Are there prizes?

Yes. For first, second and third male and female there will be special prizes.  Age category prizes will be awarded for the first and second male and female in the following categories: MV40, MV50, MV60 and MV70, FV35, FV45, FV55, FV65 and FV70.

  • Can I run with a buggy?

No, sorry but our emergency First Aid cover won’t allow for small people in buggies.

  • Can I run with my dog?

No, sorry.

  • Can I wear headphones?

We follow UK Athletics rules and ask you to do the same.  Although our roads are fully closed to traffic, you’re going to need to hear other runners and / or forest animals  coming up behind you.  We close the roads to motor vehicles but not cyclists, you’ll need to hear them too.  Bone conductor headphones only please – for your own safety.

  • Can I volunteer to marshal at the event?

Yes! Please email our chief marshal Mike at

  • Do I need to fund raise?

That’s up to you.  We are a non-profit event and will be giving a percentage of any left over money to a charity.  We haven’t decided which one(s) yet, but they are usually local and connected to those that have helped the New Forest Runners over the year.

  • How do I view my race day photos?

You can find them on our Facebook page after the race.  They’ll also be available on our web page.

  • What sort of shoes should I wear?

Road shoes should do it, but it depends on weather conditions.  Our forest paths are gravel so you might want something more sturdy, like an all-terrain shoe.  Check our Facebook page for advice closer to the time.

  • Will there be car parking?

Yes, lots and it’s FREE!